Using Onstar to Unlock Your Car Door

One popular company that offers services to unlock your vehicle is Onstar.  You will need to have a subscription with Onstar prior to locking in your keys (typically range from $200-$300), but if needed, the service could not be easier.

To take it directly from the Onstar site, here is what you would need to do to unlock your car:

• Call 1.888.4.ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827).

• Verify your account information.

• A remote signal is sent to your vehicle that usually unlocks the doors.

• It’s available anytime, day or night, with no limits on how often you can call for help.

• Put your OnStar sticker in your window — or program the number into your cell phone — so you’ll have easy access if you need it.

It should be noted that the service does not work on some car models, and Onstar would also need to have a signal in order to unlock the car.  The price is not necessarily cheap, but the $200-$300 gets you an abundance of other services.  The complete list can be found HERE.

Also from the Onstar site is a story about a locksmith who needed to use Onstar to unlock their vehicle.

Jeremy, for one, is sold on OnStar. “To think that someone can unlock your car from an office who knows where is just mind-boggling. I really like OnStar. It makes you feel safe and it has so many cool features.”

Lastly, it does not hurt to see what others think of Onstar, so click HERE for additional reviews.


Using Onstar to Unlock Your Car Door — 4 Comments

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