Community Submitted Story – Shaun

Another short story for a short month.  Shaun definitely dealt with a spectrum of emotions after both getting locked out of his car, and then turning the tables…

Coat Hanger 3After a long hot day i got out my car at the shopping center and then i answered my phone. While getting out i locked my door and the wind blew it shut while my attention was busy helping a customer on the phone. I got hold of a hanger and was able to open my door after 10 minutes.

Kudos to Shaun for getting out with a coat hanger, and next time he’ll know to put that customer on hold!

- Keys Locked


Keys Locked In Car Community Story Friday Finale!

To wrap up our week of Keys Locked in Car community stories we bring you all of the short stories that in and of itself may not get an article, but combined are AMAZING.  Big thanks and shoutout to everyone reading this and all of you who have submitted a story at one time or another.  Major props!

Have a great weekend and keep those stories coming!




Yesterday at college, me and my friend, also named Corey, decided that while we were waiting on Peyton to get out of class that we would saran wrap her car. After successfully doing so, we went to Coreys car to put our backpacks in his car. After he shut the door he realized his keys were in the car. Karma did its thing




Locked out of my place, car keys in the house too. Maintenance can’t be located, and I’m running late for work. 28 degrees. Phone dying. #woohoo #FB




My cousine went to the hospital because he felt dizziness. He forgot his keys on the switch then locked the car. Then he finds out that after passing by few guys who had the same problem LOL. They opened ours to get the unlocking equipment from his car then helped the other car. The funny thing is that he owns a keys shop.





Super excited about it being Friday morning…too excited. Hopped out of the car, locked the door, closed the door and IMMEDIATELY gazed at my keys in the ignition. As I began to walk away from vehicle feeling quite defeated, I immediately perked up. As I realized I could’ve locked my lunch in the car….and that would have been tragic.




Locked my keys and school stuff and purse and laptop and license in my truck and figured it out when I was already running late to school. I grabbed the spare key to our family car and drove it. Got home later that day went inside to wait for church that night. My parents were already there and had taken my truck since I got home after them so I was going to drive my family car. Went to go open it, I had locked the keys inside! Was about to go get the spare key then realized that was the one I’d locked inside it.




I was able to unlock my car using a wedge cut from a 2×4 and a plastic packaging band one might find wrapped around a heavy cardboard package, that I was able to use to lasso the lift knob by the window. After I used a coat hanger for quite some time this solution came to me and it worked ON THE FIRST TRY!




Late to work, locked my keys in my car, and had a test…all on my 21st birthday. Day to remember





I have major knee surgery in the morning, the kid I nanny for was being a demon, my dad’s flight got cancelled, it’s snowing, and I locked my keys in my car. Your night can’t be worse than mine.





My roommate dropped my spare key down an elevator shaft. I ALWAYS lock me keys in the car so naturally I am sitting at a gas station/McDonalds waiting for a locksmith after calling my dad and crying. No one has a metal hanger laying around? Really? Whatever, I’m getting fries.





Soooo on Thursday I rushed to get ready for pageant rehearsal when I realized I locked my keys in the car . Then it took an hour for me and a friend to get them . Today I go to get my eyebrows done with the key in the ignition and have to wait for a locksmith . Twice in less than 3 days . I’m a sad case.


Wow – look at all those great stories!  There are a TON of people locking their keys out, so remember, YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!!


Thanks again to all of our submitters – you guys ROCK


Our great week of community stories is coming to a close, but don’t forget you can always submit your story right HERE!

Keys Locked In Car Community Story – Haley

Thursday’s story comes from the lovely Haley, who showed us another downside to using a coat hanger that we didn’t think about before!  Hopefully the parents weren’t TOO mad!

So last April I went to Missouri to visit my family and friends. One night my bestfriends, EmaLee and Tylla, and I went out, definitely to a place we shouldn’t have gone, and I had a terrible headache so I said I was going to stay in the car for a few minutes. Well, I had no idea they left the keys in the car with me, so when I got out I locked the car, not knowing the keys were inside. As we got ready to leave we noticed the keys laying there, and we tried all we possibly could to get them out. We got a hanger and a screwdriver to try and hook the keys for about 3 hours, when finally we heard a loud noise and looked up to see the window had shattered. We had no clue what to do, and we knew EmaLee’s parents would be furious, so we figured we would play it off as if someone broke into her car. So we picked up all the glass, threw it into a plastic bag, and took it back home with us. Once we got home we laid all the glass outside the car and went to bed. When we woke up EmaLee called her mom and dad and pretended like the car had been broken into. She kept the same lie all day until her mom finally asked me, and me being the terrible liar that I am, couldn’t keep it going and fessed up that I locked the keys in the car and the window had broken when we were trying to get them out. Due to my lack of paying attention, and my terrible lying skills, EmaLee ended up with a broken window and two very angry parents.

Have a great day everyone!!

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Keys Locked In Car Community Story – @Metchcook

 As part of our weekly series, we’re posting one of our top stories every. single. day.  @Metchcook did a couple things we don’t recommend, such as using a coat hanger, and falling for the tennis ball myth, but we’re glad things worked out OK!

well my story goes like this, we where having a surprise party for one of our friends who was about to deploy for the marines, about half way to the party i went into to my car to get rid of some half eaten Chinese food i was eating before i went in, but while getting out and locking the car as i always do left my keys inside and i didn’t realize it till ten minutes later when i didn’t feel them in my pocket. of course i freaked out because i was a sober driver and i didn’t have any other means to get home or even get my friends home safely, but one of my friends suggested that he will try to open it using a coat hanger but while he was doing this i punctured the rubber seal surrounding the door and it was very noticeable while he was doing this it finally hit me that in order to unlock the car you have to press a button, something we couldn’t do with a coat hanger, so next we tried using a tennis ball method that also didn’t work. so at that point i was forced to borrow a longboard from a friend who rides them and push myself several miles to get home to get the spare keys and back. it was very stressful night, didn’t ruin the party though

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Short Community Stories – Version I

At Keys Locked in Car, we strive to bring the best information to our community and get some great stories in return.  While we try to post most of them, sometimes the pure number is overwhelming, or the story is more of a….. sentence.  Here’s a great compilation of the community stories


“So I locked my keys in my car at the gas station, cop comes to unlock it but firsts asked if I stole it? I said yeah then I drove here to lock myself out and call you. Cop: sir we do not tolerate sarcasm in the state of illinois. Me: sir, you started it.”



“Parked in cross walk at school, went in the hockey rink to grab my jersey, as I’m walking in I hear the car lock. I end up leaving my car there all day and going to school bookless”



“Welp, going to college 3.5 hours away from home, and using my mom’s vehicle. I locked both the keys, clicker, spare key, and all of my keys (including my student ID to get into our dorm) in the car. I was going to call the county police but the locals say they will not unlock your vehicle due to liability reasons. So I tried the whole hanger thing- yeah I’m not strong enough. Therefore, my father is driving up 3.5 hours tomorrow to give me keys..”


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Community Submitted Story – Bree

This story has it all.  Gyms. Crowbars. Pregnancy tests. We can only hope our days would end up so well with so many things going on.

I was getting out of my car about to go take an at home pregnancy test before I worked out. I always lock my car as I’m getting out instead of hitting the button because I hate hearing the beep.

 Well as I was walking away I realized I was wearing my sunglasses and I didn’t want to wear them into the gym. So I started reaching for my keys and realized they weren’t on me so I started looking on the ground. My wallet attaches to my keys and I always leave my wallet hidden in my car so it won’t get stolen in the gym well I realized that my keys were still attached to my wallet in my car.

 So basically in tears I walk inside to tell the girl on duty and ask if she could get someone to help me. Well one girl that works there got a coat hanger and we tried to do it and when we failed we went and asked anyone and everyone that was there if they would help and well no luck. So I start calling people and when NO ONE answers I decide to calm down and go take my pregnancy test and see what it tells me.

Well as i’m waiting for help and whether or not i’m pregnant some guys that I had asked to help me found a crow bar to try to get them out. I didn’t want to mess up my car so I told them I thought I had someone on the way (not knowing whether or not I really did) Well as i’m still waiting I look to see how my test went and it told me not pregnant which was a relief. So a little good news in all the gloom. Then my rescuers come, or so I think. Took the retards 30 min to TRY and get it then this guy comes up and is like here let me try and gets it open in less than 30 seconds. I wanted to kiss the guy, he was a genius and he seriously deserves an award.


Keep those stories coming!

-Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – @Rmstory

To start the week we have a Keys Locked in Car story that ends on a good note.  I guess not all stories involving coat hangers end up poorly!

Today, we planned a surprise party for a dear friend and co worker as he is getting ready for deployment. I picked up the cake and headed to the restaurant. At the restaurant I got out of my car, locked the doors, shut them and walked away. It wasn’t until minutes later that I realized my gracefulness in forgetting to get my keys out of the ignition. After a mini and mild temper tantrum in the parking lot, a friend used a coat hanger to open my door.

Shoutout to @Rmstory for getting our week started right!

Community Submitted Story – Kate @kate_jocelyn

Everyone can learn something from @kate_jocelyn who pulled off the killer trifecta of unlocking a car.  In the cold. Late at night. With a coathanger.  Thanks for sharing Kate!

“I got a call at midnight from a house full of drunk guys who had locked their keys in the car hours earlier but suddenly realized how much trouble they would be in when they couldn’t drive in the morning when they sobered up. Me, an 18 year old blonde girl, drove out to the place they were at to break into the car. An ex con taught me because “it might come in handy”. I broke into the car with a coat hanger while the boys stood by and whined about how cold it was outside. Girls for the win.”


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