Community Submitted Story – @MaddieBourdeau

You have to give credit to Maddie – operating under tight deadlines she still managed to send in her story.  Hopefully it stop her from graduating!

Keys Ignitino

Today determines if i graduate or not. How is that, you ask? Well in order to graduate you have to choose an area of study and intern with someone throughout the entire year, at the end, you have to write a paper. if you miss the deadline, you don’t graduate.

Needless to say, my keys are locked in my car, no spare, just got rid of AAA and my paper is locked in there as well. I am dumb enough not to save it on my computer because i did it at the library and printed it from there.

Therefore, i have 20 minutes to smash my own window, grab my paper, and make it to my school in time to graduate. Hello GED

If there’s any consolation, I’m pretty sure that AAA wouldn’t have gotten to the car in 20 minutes anyways.  Thanks for the story Maddie!

- Keys Locked

Keys Locked In Car Community Story – Eleni

We’re going to do something a little different this week with a new story EVERY SINGLE DAY!  To start things off, Eleni is going to walk us through her wonderful week to show us that yes, things could be worse!  Happy Monday everyone!

This week started out awful. Monday morning I went to the doctor to find out I have kidney stones. After missing 2 whole days of class I decided to suck it up and go to my Wednesday (3 hour) night class. Halfway through I was bent over in pain-almost in tears- due to my kidney stones. I talked to my teacher during our break and she was happy to send the crying girl in the back of the classroom home. As I ran out of the building, visions of pain meds in my mind, I came to the horrible discovery that my keys were sitting on my car sit-car locked. I wasted no time, popped a pain pill to ease my kidney stones, called the roommate for a rescue, and squatted next to my car in pain until she arrived. The cherry on top of a great day, my car was parked in a spot where I’d receive a $100 fine in the morning. Thank God for AAA.


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Who Are the Top 5 Scam Locksmith Companies?

There are so many of these stories out there that it’s sad.  It has become a big business for companies to build low class websites that rank high in Google, but completely rip off their customers.  We’ve previously written on the top 5 things to do after becoming a victim of a locksmith scam, but who should you be avoiding in the first place?

Please note that this is NOT a comprehensive list as scam companies constantly change their aliases.

1)    Run Local Locksmith – When the first page of Google reeks of stories about Run Local ripping them off, you know it’s not a good sign.  They pull the classic “$15 service, arrive in 15 minutes” bit, and then attempt to charge hundreds of dollars on the spot.  We attempted to get them on record with a statement, but were unsuccessful.  Shady people. Shady company.

2)    A-1 24 Hour Locksmith – Stories of their tales litter the web.  Also another company that will promise to be there in no time, but 2 hours later, show up in an unmarked car, charging high prices.  This story tells it all.

3)     Dependable Locksmith – This company probably would have ranked #1 if NBC and all sorts of other outlets hadn’t covered them ad nausea already.  Let’s just say you don’t want to be wasting your time or money with these scam artists.

 4)    Papa Locksmith – Terrible

 5)    Tie – There are just too many not to name.  Let’s just say that if the locksmith you are thinking about using is on the list below, think again

 A Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith, A Emergency A Locksmith, A Locksmith Service 24 Hour, A-1 Locksmiths, AAA 24 & 7 Day Locksmith, Always Available Locksmith, Emergency & Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith, Locksmith Service, 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith, 24 Hour Locksmith, 24/7 Locksmith, 24hour a Locksmith, A # 1 24 Hour Locksmith, A 24 Hour Locksmith, A Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith, A Emergency A Locksmith, A Emergency Locksmith, A Kansas City # 1 Emergency Locksmith, A Locksmith, A Locksmith 00 24 Hour, A Locksmith 24 Hour Emergency, A Locksmith a 1-24 Hour, A Locksmith Always 24 Hour, A Locksmith Service 24 Hour, A Thirty Five Dollar Locksmith, A1 Locksmith Inc-Superb Solutions, A-1 Locksmiths, A24 Hour a Locksmith, AAA 24 & 7 Day Locksmith, All Around Locks, A United Locksmith, Alocksmith, Always Available Locksmith, Always Locksmith 24 Hr, Always Ready Locksmith, Brooklyn Locksmith, Columbus One Locksmith, Emergency & Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith, Emergency Locksmith, Express Locks, Dependable Locks Inc., Dependable Locksmith, Five Star Locksmith, Gold Locksmith, Liberty Locksmith, Locksmith, Locksmith 24 Hour, Inc., Locksmith Service, Mega Locksmith, Millenium Locksmith, Price Line, Priceline Locksmith, Inc., Quick Locksmith, S.O.S Locksmith, Speedway Locksmith, Superb Solutions Inc., Superb Solutions Locksmith, Top Guard Locksmith, USA Silver Locksmith, USA Total Security

 The best thing you can do to avoid a locksmith scam is to use AAA or another dependable locksmith in the area.  A typical cost is going to be ~$100.  Ask for their business card.  Check to see if they show up in an unmarked car.  Don’t be fooled.


Don't be fooled!

Typical $15, 15 Minute SCAM SITE


Community Submitted Story – Maria

To say this sounds like a bad day would be an understatement.  At least Maria had a few different people to help (most importantly AAA!)

Alright, pity me….went to run an errand, car was dead, called OSU PD and they jumped my car. Dad said go to O’Reilly’s to have them test my battery…

the guy said the battery-checking-machine was reading that my car was still running (which it wasn’t) and therefore couldn’t get an accurate check of the battery.

 Dad said to drive my car around for at least 20 minutes…so I drove to the new Walmart and on my way back decided I needed gas but randomly wanted to pay with cash (something I’ve never done before).

Apparently you have to go inside to do this so naturally I lock my car and I go inside and pay….oops locked my keys, wallet, and phone inside my car (something I’ve also never done before). Cool.

Have to use the gas station manager’s cellphone to call mom who thankfully answered, gave me the # for AAA and my AAA member # (which were in my wallet…in the car). Call AAA; they say someone will be there within 45 minutes…40 min later someone calls the manager’s cellphone, asks for me, and turns out the dispatcher gave them the wrong coordinates of my location so I wait at the gas station for another 15 minutes (twiddling my thumbs…literally because my phone was in the car) until the guy comes and jimmy’s my door open. Whewf it’s over.

LOLLLL no. Call dad on the way from the gas station to my next errand and my phone is acting up even more than usual so after that 2nd errand I decide to stop at T-Mobile and see if they can help me. Obvi the guy doesn’t have a clue. So I leave. Get in my car.

 LOLLL it’s dead again and my phone is about to die. Woohoo. Quickly call AAA (OSU PD will only jump your car on campus and I didn’t want to waste phone battery calling friend after friend until I found someone who has jumper cables). AAA guy answers and says: “Ms. Coffaro we already have a call in for you. You are at Monroe and Washington, right?” HA.

No, Mister Triple A, this is in fact my second phone call to you in the past hour and a half. He laughs and then tells me they’ve put in a new request to come jump my car at T-Mobile. 20 minutes later the AAA guys comes…same guy that jimmy’d my car door open an hour and a half earlier…So much for that 20 minute errand!


Have a nice weekend!

Slim Jim – Food or Tool to Unlock My Car?

Slim Jim Keys LockedWhen most people hear the term ‘slim jim’ their mind instantly goes to that delicious beef jerky snack.  What most don’t know is that a slim jim is the thing that might serve as the best option for opening their car!  Please note that many newer cars have security installed that will prevent a slim jim from unlocking the vehicle.

A slim jim (for the car) is a thin strip of metal that is used to slip in between a car’s window and metal seal, going directly to the levers and rods that control the door.  The end of the tool has a hook that when lifted up against the rod that connect the lock mechanism, unlock the door!

The key to using this tool is to have either been trained in the past, or do enough research beforehand (and be careful enough) to not damage your car.  Improper use of the slim jim will break the lock, stopping you from opening the door even with the key.  See the Youtube videos below for the proper use of the slim jim.

Slim jim’s cost less than $10, making them one of the most economical ways to unlock your car (compare to $60 unlock kits, $75 for AAA, $85 for a locksmith).

There was a rumor circulating that stated slim jims could deploy a car’s airbag and was causing deaths to unsuspecting citizens.  Snopes has found this claim to be untrue, despite the persistent myths.

Bottom line is that a slim jim is a cheap way to unlock your car, pending your car’s security features.  If you don’t have a plethora of spare keys lying around, it certainly makes sense to make this purchase.  If not for you, I’m sure there will be someone else in your world who will need it!