Slim Jim – Food or Tool to Unlock My Car?

Slim Jim Keys LockedWhen most people hear the term ‘slim jim’ their mind instantly goes to that delicious beef jerky snack.  What most don’t know is that a slim jim is the thing that might serve as the best option for opening their car!  Please note that many newer cars have security installed that will prevent a slim jim from unlocking the vehicle.

A slim jim (for the car) is a thin strip of metal that is used to slip in between a car’s window and metal seal, going directly to the levers and rods that control the door.  The end of the tool has a hook that when lifted up against the rod that connect the lock mechanism, unlock the door!

The key to using this tool is to have either been trained in the past, or do enough research beforehand (and be careful enough) to not damage your car.  Improper use of the slim jim will break the lock, stopping you from opening the door even with the key.  See the Youtube videos below for the proper use of the slim jim.

Slim jim’s cost less than $10, making them one of the most economical ways to unlock your car (compare to $60 unlock kits, $75 for AAA, $85 for a locksmith).

There was a rumor circulating that stated slim jims could deploy a car’s airbag and was causing deaths to unsuspecting citizens.  Snopes has found this claim to be untrue, despite the persistent myths.

Bottom line is that a slim jim is a cheap way to unlock your car, pending your car’s security features.  If you don’t have a plethora of spare keys lying around, it certainly makes sense to make this purchase.  If not for you, I’m sure there will be someone else in your world who will need it!


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  1. Hello
    I own UK Bump Keys Ltd. Your article about the slim-jim features a salami snack and a set of car tools which are definitely NOT slim jims. The tools in the picture are used to gain access to the door handles, buttons, etc in the car after making space between the doors and the car frame using an air-bag wedge. We sell these with the air-bag wedges – and slim jims in one kit:


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