Common myths for opening your car door

There are many famous myths regarding locking the keys in your car.  Hopefully this page clearly puts some of them to rest, once and for all

1) You can open your car door with a tennis ball – FALSE

The myth here goes that if you burn a hole into a tennis ball, line it up against the lock hole, and quickly push in, the pressure will force the car door to open!  While it’s an entertaining thought to add tennis balls to our ‘tools for unlocking your car’ page, this is clearly an impossible accomplishment.  Any videos found on YouTube or other sites have likely been doctored to make it seem like a possibility – don’t be fooled.

Locked Key Cell Phone2) You can use your key remote through a cell phone to open your car door – FALSE

The myth here goes that if you have your key remote in one location, and your car in another location, you would be able to open your car door by calling someone on a cell phone and having them bring the phone next to the car while you click the remote.  The reason this will not work is that car key remotes work through radio frequency and not sound.  Unfortunately, you need to be within distance for your car to pick up the radio frequency!

It IS possible to unlock your call via a cell phone, but since that technology needs to be installed prior to locking yourself out, it is not much use to the typical person.



What other myths are out there?  What have we missed?  Let us know in the comments below…

Photos by Rbut, sgback


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