Community Submitted Story – @HeartAttackZ11

Doctors appointment, car that won’t start, completely locked out… sounds like a pretty poor way to start the day.  Hopefully it went uphill from this point!

standing outside2Waking up bright and early for this heart doctor appointment I have. Go to start my car and it decides it doesn’t feel like running today. So I opened my door and slammed it shut.

Then walked back to my house door to go back inside and realize my keys aren’t in my hand!

So therefore, locked my car/house keys inside my car.

Thanks for the story @HeartAttackZ11!  Winning story of the month would completely make up for all of this I’m sure :)

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – Kaelyn

Pretty funny story to start out the week from Kaelyn, who I guarantee was not amused as this was happening.

Looking at keysI went out to eat with my sister and dad. Dad drove, of course. Well, he likes to leave both sets of keys in the car and not lock it. This time he locked it.

After paying for our meal, he grabs the keys out of his pocket to only look down and see they’re his work keys and they do not have a key to the car on it. So were standing outside in 30 degree weather waiting for my grandma to take us back home because my dad was stupid enough to leave both sets in the car.

Moral of the story, check to see if it’s the right set of keys before you lock the car.

I’d suggest a 2nd moral of the story that maybe dad should let one of his daughters drive next time :)

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – Chandler

Happy Friday to all!  Our last story of the week is courtesy of Chandler who didn’t even realize his keys were locked in his car till 7 hours after it happened!!

AAAStarting off the New Years in a great way. Pulled in the school parking lot like a normal day. When my friend had a crazy New Years story to tell me so without thinking I got out and locked my door. Only to find out 7 hours later with snow pouring down that I locked my keys in my car.

Not only my keys are in the car, but also my phone. So I had to walk 2 miles to my house to call a tow truck.

Some random tow truck driver had to pick me up and I had to ride in complete and awkward silenece for almost 30 minutes.

Let’s hope the rest of 2014 is a little nicer to all of us who have already locked our keys in the car!

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – Shaun

Another short story for a short month.  Shaun definitely dealt with a spectrum of emotions after both getting locked out of his car, and then turning the tables…

Coat Hanger 3After a long hot day i got out my car at the shopping center and then i answered my phone. While getting out i locked my door and the wind blew it shut while my attention was busy helping a customer on the phone. I got hold of a hanger and was able to open my door after 10 minutes.

Kudos to Shaun for getting out with a coat hanger, and next time he’ll know to put that customer on hold!

- Keys Locked


Community Submitted Story – Lauren @lalalaurennn12

Our first contestant for top story in February gives us a short and sweet  rendition of why she’s locked herself out multiple times over the past few weeks.  She takes a page right out of our help article on who you can call if you do end up in this situation!

Police unlockWell, my power locks automatically lock my car by itself so I’ve locked my keys in my car multiple times in the last 2 weeks and the same cop has unlocked it without asking for an I.D. because he knows me now -_-

Thanks for the story Lauren!

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – Colin @Colin0515

Anytime you can drive a few hours to an event just to lock yourself out, you have to do it, right?  Colin here can fill us in on the details….

Fuzzy - gas stationSo I’m in the military and stationed out in the desert in California. I’ve been waiting to get my car shipped to my location for over a month and today it finally arrived.

The first thing I did was decide to drive out to LA to attend a Los Angeles Dodgers game. After driving over 2 hours I finally arrived and paid for parking, ticket, etc.

When I went to get out of the car, I realized I had left my keys in the passenger seat and all doors were locked.

By the time the locksmith arrived I had already missed more than half of the game. $200 later I was able to get my keys back and see the end of the game.


Thanks for the story Colin, and thanks for everything that you do for our country!

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – @MaddieBourdeau

You have to give credit to Maddie – operating under tight deadlines she still managed to send in her story.  Hopefully it stop her from graduating!

Keys Ignitino

Today determines if i graduate or not. How is that, you ask? Well in order to graduate you have to choose an area of study and intern with someone throughout the entire year, at the end, you have to write a paper. if you miss the deadline, you don’t graduate.

Needless to say, my keys are locked in my car, no spare, just got rid of AAA and my paper is locked in there as well. I am dumb enough not to save it on my computer because i did it at the library and printed it from there.

Therefore, i have 20 minutes to smash my own window, grab my paper, and make it to my school in time to graduate. Hello GED

If there’s any consolation, I’m pretty sure that AAA wouldn’t have gotten to the car in 20 minutes anyways.  Thanks for the story Maddie!

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – Kirby, @kirboturbo

I’m not sure if I’ve heard of many positive things happening when someone locks themselves out of their car, but getting a job offer HAS to be up there…

LocksmithI locked my keys in the car, while it was running on my way to work this morning. Apparently when I went to check and make sure it wasn’t locked, I locked it.

Luckily, my Farmers Insurance had a truck to me in 15 minutes, but the guy was rushed, so I ended up using his tools to do it myself! The guy was so impressed he offered me a part time job!

Extra cash flow? Yes please.

Very impressive, Kirby – hopefully your insurance premium didn’t take too much of a hit!

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – Latina G

Here’s a story to make you smile going into the weekend – and a great idea for all of you single people out there!

Coat Hanger1This past Monday morning, I locked my keys in my car in front of my apartment building. Luckily, a neighbor helped me break into my car, and I was back in the driver’s seat within 30 minutes.

Two days later, I climb into my car and notice a note left on my windshield; it was a letter telling me how beautiful I am and asking me on a date. What a cute way to meet someone :)

Genius or just plain creepy?

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – Hannah

Today’s story seems like every college kids’ nightmare.  We’ll let Hannah take it from here…

Keys Locked in Car 16I came home from college for Easter yesterday, so naturally all I’m liking forward to is sleeping yet. Of course my mom made me a dentist appt at 9a the first day back.

This morning I roll out of bed to find my keys no where. OF COURSE I find them on the seat of my car at 8:50am with my car locked. AWESOME.

long story short I had to walk to the dentist. No one even likes the dentist and this girl walked there at 9a on her Easter break. Cool.

What would have been a worse time to be locked out?  Having to walk home from surgery on crutches?  Having this same situation play out the day after Thanksgiving?  Lets hear it in the comments below!

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – Wilson, @wilsonv133

Fresh start to the week, but the stories of people locking themselves out of their cars keep coming.  Here, @wilsonv133 shows us that a couple distractions are all someone needs to get themselves locked out!

Locked out1simple. but still funny.

got a new can of copenhagen southern blend, just ate and was prepping for my after food lip, i go to my car to find a spitter. now a few weeks ago i lost my car remote, also i have no spare. so I’ve been locking the doors before i close the door, with my keys hooked to my right belt loop.

so i find a bottle and hit the lock, like I’ve done before. i close the door and reach for my keys… not there. i looked inside and there they sit, on my seat.

i look at them and silently curse my car, i make a fist and prepare to let it fly. i then think about how id have to fix my window, i still haven’t fixed my side mirror which i hit with an orange barrel years ago.

i do the only thing i can do in this situation. packed a fat lip and relaxed, i’ll figure something out!


Don’t forget to submit your own story today!

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – Yaryzett, @prettygirlyary

Any story that involves Dairy Queen is a must-post, so let’s let Yaryzett fill us in on the details…

Jumping InsideI was house sitting for a family friend when I needed to go into my car for a worthless piece of paper. I absolutely NEEDED it, for no particular reason, just OCD.

I go back in the house, my daughter playing with toys, I THOUGHT I had gave her my car key. Why I would do that in the first place, I don’t know.

I got a sudden sweet tooth for DQ and sweet tea. I’m looking frantically for the keys. Ten minutes. Thirty minutes. An hour. I walk back out, tracing my steps. I reach my car, look through the window.

BAM! There they were, on the drivers seat, mocking me. Mind you, those… Were my spare keys.

Have a tremendous weekend everyone!

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – @rinaslayter

What a great story to kick off the day – remind me to include special effects costume builders in the list of people to call when you’re locked out of your car!

Keys Locked Tools coat hangerI needed to check whether I was close to the curb or not, but as I got out of my car, I fumbled, the door locked as it closed and I stood there flabbergasted.

After about 10 seconds of “Did that really just happen? My car is really still running, doors locked, keys in ignition and I’m really standing here like the idiot I clearly am for letting this happen” followed by willing the doors to somehow, magically unlock, I walked into where I work and said to two of my co-workers, “I need a hero.”

About a minute later, with the use of a brass rod and pair of pliers, we got my car open so I could shut off the engine and take the key with me. Thank goodness for special effects costume builders: No shortage of tools and superheroes.


Rina’s hero came to the rescue – if only we could all be so lucky!

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – @itsjustcormac

Lets kick off the week with a quickie courtesy of @itsjustcormac… 

Standing Outside2
I was asking a girl to prom with a big chalk PROM sign. I was planning on giving her flowers and my friends locked her keys in her car along with the flowers. We had to wait an hour to get the car unlocked.

Asking a girl to prom is stressful enough without having to worry about the logistics of getting to her place.  The real question is – did she say yes?!

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – Kandace

I’m legitimately curious about how this one worked and would love to hear from any Mustang owners out there…  

Standing Outside 4So I locked my keys in my car one day and I had didn’t have time to call the police for help cause I was about to leave for a school function.

Well then walks by my friend, Holley. Luckily Holley has a mustang like me and somehow her key unlocks my car. So she got out her key and unlocked my car and got my keys out. She was a life saver!




Hmm, a quick web search didn’t turn up a definitive answer, so lets hear the answer if you have it!

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – @codysturrock

Ahh, this has to be the worst feeling in the world when you’re pretty sure you’re locked out of your car, but haven’t quite confirmed it yet.

Keys Locked in Car 8As I walking to my car while on my lunch break I went to grab my keys, which were nowhere to be found. I then started frantically searching my pockets and still couldn’t find them.

Afraid that my keys fell out of my pockets inside of Walmart I backtracked my steps and found no set of keys. I decided to see if I left them in the ignition of my car and I still didn’t see them.

Confused, I looked down only to see them right on the seat teasing me with all 4 doors locked.

Chances are if you’re reading this, a similar situation has happened to you at one point.  We don’t know how this one ended, but hopefully Cody had AAA on standby.

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – Andrea @citrus_sunshine

Classic story of Andrea locking her keys in her car and some of the things NOT to do (ie. call emergency numbers).   

Standing Outside 5

While I was away at a conference, I was tapped to drive into down town and find the parking garage. Using the GPS we got there just fine, except I was a nervous wreck from driving in a city for the first time. I got out of my car and locked the doors. Then I realized I still had the parking garage ticket in my hand. I was going to return it to the car.

I took two steps back toward the car and had a sinking feeling. I left the keys in the car. As I got closer, I saw that the radio was on. I really started to panic because the car was on with the keys locked inside.

Thankfully a friend was not panicking. She talked to the lady who takes the money who knew a guy. We waited for about 20 minutes for said guy. While I was shivering without my coat, he never showed up.

I continued shivering and my friend called the Highway Patrol. She got fussed at for calling an emergency number and got the non-emergency number. She called it and tried to explain which parking garage we were in. That was difficult because we were out of town and didn’t know street names.

After waiting for another 30 minutes or more, we looked up a tow truck number. At the time the tow truck technician called, the police man showed up. He explained that he had gone to the wrong parking garage the first time. He unlocked the car and recommended me to get a hide a key as this was my SEVENTH time locking my keys in my car.

We did get the keys out and managed to stay warm by standing in front of the car. We were only about 45 minutes late to our conference. I really can’t thank my two friends enough for standing with me in the parking garage through this whole thing. And a shout out to the North Carolina Highway Patrol for finding me and helping me out!


We’re glad to see everything turned out okay, and hopefully we don’t hear of Andrea locking her keys in for the 8th time!

- Keys Locked 


Community Submitted Story – Kailey

If Wednesday’s post showed us anything, it’s that sometimes doing the right thing brings unintended consequences.  Here, we have Kailey helping out her boyfriend, with hilarity ensuing…

Fuzzy WheelYesterday my boyfriend woke me up at quarter to 5am asking to take my car to work because he managed to get a screw stuck in the tire of his truck..

4pm rolls around and I get another phone call, and guess what? My car won’t start.. So he gets a friend to try to jump it for him.. 20mins later the bad luck continues.. While trying to jump my car, he managed to lock the keys inside… $140 later a tow, retrieving the keys and a new fuse my car is safe in the driveway.. Keys in hand




Have a great weekend everybody!

-Keys Locked


Community Submitted Story – Gabby @gabsgetsmen_yay

Our first story of 2014 comes from Gabby who ended the year with a bang – and a locked car…

Keys Locked in Car 5I was casually waiting to meet my friends for dinner while playing Candy Crush in my car. I guess I didn’t realize my keys were sitting on the center console.

When my friends arrived I got out of the car and locked it using the door, with my keys still sitting on the console. I enjoyed a great meal with my friends without realizing till I walked back out to my car that my keys weren’t with me. Happy New Years to me!

Candy Crush is literally like crack, so we really can’t blame Gabby on this one.  Here’s to all of our readers having a safe, enjoyable, unlocked year!!

- Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – Ashton

Short story for the New Year, but remember that no good deed goes unpunished! 

Keys InsideToday I went to the grocery store with my little sister. My sister was begging me for quarters to put in the gum-ball machine and i only had quarters in my truck. I went to get the quarters, and i got them and locked the door, but i left my keys on the drivers seat…





Keep the stories of getting locked out coming and have a great start to the year!

-Keys Locked

Community Submitted Story – @jason_ry

Community stories is BACK with a vengeance!  Stories have been pouring in and we’re going to do our best to get as many published as possible.  What a better way to start than with Jason, who better hope his mom doesn’t stumble upon this site :)


Looking In

Okay so last night I was hanging out with my two friends. Then we decided to drive out to this girls house to hang out with her and some other people at like 10:00.

Me and my friend both had driving restrictions that said we couldn’t drive past 9:00, but we decided to go anyway, and my mom was gone at the time. When we drove the thirty five minutes to her house we stayed there for about 2 hours. And when I went to leave I saw that my keys were locked in my car!

I did not want to tell my mom cause then I would have been screwed so called my sister. She came and picked me and my friend up and took us to his house.( at this point I told my mom I was sleeping over there).

My sister went home and was gonna wait till my mom came home and fell asleep and then take her keys which had a spare key for my car.

My sister waited and then picked me up from my friends at 2:30(am) and we drove back got the car and came all the way back and snuck into the house. My mom has no clue.


Don’t forget to send us your tales of locking yourself out!

-Keys Locked 

Keys Locked In Car Community Story – Preston

For all of you going to work this Friday, please remember to bring your keys inside with you, otherwise you may end up like Preston here.  While his situation may have not worked out the best, the good news is that it only put him back about $40 in the end!

It was a Friday night and i was at work when i realized that i locked my keys in my truck… All i could think about was how i was gonna get them so the whole night i was screwing up orders and freaking out about little things (i’m a waiter).

It was about midnight when i got out so i called my local police station to see if they could send an officer to help, they told me that it was not an urgent situation and they could not help.

So then i had a buddy of mine come try to help me break into my truck, not to mention it was about 20 degrees and i had no coat. Finally about 1:30 we decided to give up. So i left my truck in this sketchy alley way all night.

The next morning i called a tow man to unlock it and he unlocked it with 30 seconds… And it costed 40 dollars. #FML


Thanks for the story Preston!  If you have one to beat this, don’t forget to submit it today!

Have a great weekend everyone!

- Keys Locked

Keys Locked In Car Community Story – Wynette

We’ll go from a creepy story on Monday, to one that we wish we had some real pictures of!  Wynette explains below….

I went for a run today only to get back to my van to realize I had locked my keys in the car. My husband has the idea for me to climb into the half open sunroof. Well I’m rather busty so I got as far as that n got stuck. I kicked off my shoes n used my toes to unlock the door well the alarm goes off so here I am stuck w no I’d to verify I own the vehicle n the car alarm is going off. U may asked what my husband was doing during this, taking pics.


Great story Wynette – hopefully you learned your lesson with letting your husband take pictures instead of climbing in the sunroom himself!

- Keys Locked

Keys Locked In Car Community Story – Stephanie

Let’s start the week off a little creepy, with help from our friend Stephanie.  Looking at this order of events, it’s a wonder she didn’t call the police to 1) get rid of this guy and 2) have them unlock her car.  We live and learn!

I went into the gas station to buy some stuff and I came out and it turned out I locked my keys in my car. I’m waiting outside for my mom to answer the phone and this random guy comes up to me (almost immediately) and asks me what kind of car I had.

I answered him and then proceeded to ask me where I lived, I guess to offer me a ride to my house but I denied him because I was creeped out.

Then he lights a cigarette and asks me if I smoke and I say no. Then he asks me if I smoke weed and I say sometimes and then proceeds to try and give me his number to try and sell me weed.

He tells me he has the best bud in town and he gives buy one, get one free. I was creeped out and waited inside for my mom to come. Finally she came and I got my keys! Weirdest experience I’ve ever had locking my keys out of my car.


Weird only begins to describe that guy, but we’re glad everything turned out ok.  Thanks for sharing Stephanie!

Have a great week everyone!

-Keys Locked

Keys Locked In Car Community Story – Marc

Happy Friday to all!  If you’re taking today off from work, hopefully you’ll have better luck than our friend Marc here whose manager could not find proof of his request to go to a Gaither’s concert!


So here’s the deal. Friday I had a concert to go to, and I know what you’re thinking, but no i didn’t lock my keys in, or before, the concert.

I called into work to remind them that I wouldn’t be able to come in that night (I asked off literally a month in advance). My manager got really mad because he could find the note i left for him saying that i needed off for that night, and to make a long story short, he threatened to fire me.

So I went to the concert, ENJOYED IT (Gaithers!), came home, and went to work the next night.

Well after a long hard day at work, I was the last person to leave at about 9:30pm (which is an hour after we close). I suddenly realized,.. “Oh CRAP!” I locked my keys in my car.

So I had to wait an hour in the cold, freezing rain until help finally arrived, but all was very much worth it. You know why..? The manager who tried to fire me had to stay with me until 10:30 when my ride got there lol… I’m probably about to loose my job.


Here’s to hoping that Marc doesn’t lose his job, but if worst comes to worst, at least he made featured post!

Have a great weekend everyone!

- Keys Locked

Keys Locked In Car Community Story – Katlyn

Happy hump day everyone!  To kick off this Wednesday special, Katlyn tells us a story of coming back from the Mud Bog (a bar we can only assume) and apparently lucking out after a little police interaction:

So me and my friends were coming back from the mud bog and all of a sudden we seen flashing lights… Cops. We got pulled over and they questioned us and shined the lights in our faces, then realizing they thought we were someone else so they let us go.

Then we got back to my friends house and we were still all freaked out and scared that I got out and shut my door without thinking. Boom. I seen the unreachable keys taunting me through the window. Now I have to call the same cops in the morning to come unlock my car..


Hopefully the cops give her a multi-use discount :) 

Keep submitting!

-Keys Locked

Keys Locked In Car Community Story – @fkniisaac

To start the week off right, we’re going to have to turn to Isaac, who clearly had a spectacular time this weekend.  There’s so much wrong with this story, and so much right - use your own judgement there!

A group of friends and I went out for one of my good friends birthday last night. felling fly and looking fancy, we pulled up downtown in my car. regretting nothing, we hit every bar withing walking distance and by the end of the night we were pretty well lit up.

I shuffled around in my pockets in search for my keys but I found nothing but lent and what money I had left over.

I ran to my car to see if maybe I had left them there. sure enough there they were sitting quietly in the ignition. an hour or so passed and my friends got tired of trying to break into my car, so they took off with a mutual friend.

I didn’t want to leave my car there to get towed so I just kept at it. losing hope I looked off into the distance to see if anyone was around, and like a sign from baby Jesus a man pulled up next to me and asked if I needed help stereotypes aside, he was a dark skinned gentleman. he took my antenna and managed to stick it through a crack where he pryed the door open just a bit. it took him maybe a total of 15 minutes to do, but in that time we bonded.

he told me he was gonna get laid cause the night was still young (at this point it was about 3:45am) but he had to hurry cause he had a wife at home. I gave him the rest of my money in my pocket, and told him to use it to buy milk so his wife wasn’t suspicious. normally I wouldn’t condone that, but hell, we had both had a long night. :) gotta love life’s spontaneous moments.

Thanks for the story Isaac!  Big shoutout to @fkniisaac!

- Keys Locked

Keys Locked In Car Community Story – @eeejaycee

Great story to end the week from Earl, who actually made me go look up the word alambre!  Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to keep sending in those stories!


So it was a very hot summer day, me and my friend decided to go to 7/11 to get a slurpee and what not. After I parked, we immediately went out the car and locked it. I was driving an old Mitsubishi so everything was manual still.

When I was out of the car already, then I realized I left the keys inside! I panicked!!! It’s rare that my mom allows me to drive a car and I blew it up!

I was desperately trying to open the car: trying to open the windows, trying my luck if the back doors were open, and trying to bang the windows hoping for a miracle. Nothing happened. I then called the guard to help me. He told me to look for an “alambre”

Luckily there was a construction going nearby so I asked for an alambre. The guard cuoldn’t open it, but then he had a friend who was an ex-guard of some place. He went to the car, did something with the windows, used an alambre, and magically, the car door unlocked!

It was a miracle! All my nervousness were gone! I thanked the guy, he was a blessing in disguise. It also makes me think how easy a person could open up a car. Well, I learned a lesson today. Always have an extra key with you. :-) after the incident, we proceeded to coming in 7/11 and bought our slurpees.


Signing off for the week

- Keys Locked

Keys Locked In Car Community Story – Hannah

Happy Hump Day all!  Today, let’s all hear it for Hannah, who turned a potentially disastrous situation into a new job! 

Today I went to sonic to apply for a job. I have the manager my application, and he was very friendly. Then when I got back to my car, it was locked. Of course my keys and phone were in it! I had to make the walk of shame back into Sonic and ask to use the phone. I then dropped the phone they lent me. Afte an hour of waiting and a free large cherry vanilla sprite, my brother finally arrived with the spare key! I don’t believe I got that job.


Continue submitting those stories!

Keys Locked In Car Community Story Friday Finale!

To wrap up our week of Keys Locked in Car community stories we bring you all of the short stories that in and of itself may not get an article, but combined are AMAZING.  Big thanks and shoutout to everyone reading this and all of you who have submitted a story at one time or another.  Major props!

Have a great weekend and keep those stories coming!




Yesterday at college, me and my friend, also named Corey, decided that while we were waiting on Peyton to get out of class that we would saran wrap her car. After successfully doing so, we went to Coreys car to put our backpacks in his car. After he shut the door he realized his keys were in the car. Karma did its thing




Locked out of my place, car keys in the house too. Maintenance can’t be located, and I’m running late for work. 28 degrees. Phone dying. #woohoo #FB




My cousine went to the hospital because he felt dizziness. He forgot his keys on the switch then locked the car. Then he finds out that after passing by few guys who had the same problem LOL. They opened ours to get the unlocking equipment from his car then helped the other car. The funny thing is that he owns a keys shop.





Super excited about it being Friday morning…too excited. Hopped out of the car, locked the door, closed the door and IMMEDIATELY gazed at my keys in the ignition. As I began to walk away from vehicle feeling quite defeated, I immediately perked up. As I realized I could’ve locked my lunch in the car….and that would have been tragic.




Locked my keys and school stuff and purse and laptop and license in my truck and figured it out when I was already running late to school. I grabbed the spare key to our family car and drove it. Got home later that day went inside to wait for church that night. My parents were already there and had taken my truck since I got home after them so I was going to drive my family car. Went to go open it, I had locked the keys inside! Was about to go get the spare key then realized that was the one I’d locked inside it.




I was able to unlock my car using a wedge cut from a 2×4 and a plastic packaging band one might find wrapped around a heavy cardboard package, that I was able to use to lasso the lift knob by the window. After I used a coat hanger for quite some time this solution came to me and it worked ON THE FIRST TRY!




Late to work, locked my keys in my car, and had a test…all on my 21st birthday. Day to remember





I have major knee surgery in the morning, the kid I nanny for was being a demon, my dad’s flight got cancelled, it’s snowing, and I locked my keys in my car. Your night can’t be worse than mine.





My roommate dropped my spare key down an elevator shaft. I ALWAYS lock me keys in the car so naturally I am sitting at a gas station/McDonalds waiting for a locksmith after calling my dad and crying. No one has a metal hanger laying around? Really? Whatever, I’m getting fries.





Soooo on Thursday I rushed to get ready for pageant rehearsal when I realized I locked my keys in the car . Then it took an hour for me and a friend to get them . Today I go to get my eyebrows done with the key in the ignition and have to wait for a locksmith . Twice in less than 3 days . I’m a sad case.


Wow – look at all those great stories!  There are a TON of people locking their keys out, so remember, YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!!


Thanks again to all of our submitters – you guys ROCK


Our great week of community stories is coming to a close, but don’t forget you can always submit your story right HERE!

Keys Locked In Car Community Story – Haley

Thursday’s story comes from the lovely Haley, who showed us another downside to using a coat hanger that we didn’t think about before!  Hopefully the parents weren’t TOO mad!

So last April I went to Missouri to visit my family and friends. One night my bestfriends, EmaLee and Tylla, and I went out, definitely to a place we shouldn’t have gone, and I had a terrible headache so I said I was going to stay in the car for a few minutes. Well, I had no idea they left the keys in the car with me, so when I got out I locked the car, not knowing the keys were inside. As we got ready to leave we noticed the keys laying there, and we tried all we possibly could to get them out. We got a hanger and a screwdriver to try and hook the keys for about 3 hours, when finally we heard a loud noise and looked up to see the window had shattered. We had no clue what to do, and we knew EmaLee’s parents would be furious, so we figured we would play it off as if someone broke into her car. So we picked up all the glass, threw it into a plastic bag, and took it back home with us. Once we got home we laid all the glass outside the car and went to bed. When we woke up EmaLee called her mom and dad and pretended like the car had been broken into. She kept the same lie all day until her mom finally asked me, and me being the terrible liar that I am, couldn’t keep it going and fessed up that I locked the keys in the car and the window had broken when we were trying to get them out. Due to my lack of paying attention, and my terrible lying skills, EmaLee ended up with a broken window and two very angry parents.

Have a great day everyone!!

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Keys Locked In Car Community Story – @AaronMurdoch

Our Wednesday story brings us @AaronMurdoch who shows us yet another reason why you shouldn’t smoke :)

Happy hump day everyone!

Once upon a time I was super high and really wanted a cigarette. I decided to travel to my car to get one when I stepped outside into the cold and instantly froze. I put on my coat and took a step outside and went down. Boom. Hit the ice hard. I crawled up and got retrieved my sticks of cancer and in my excited glory I shut my door and peered inside to see my keys mocking me from in there. I was doomed. Luckily it only took me 3 hours to find my spare key hidden somewhere in my home…-_-


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Keys Locked In Car Community Story – @Metchcook

 As part of our weekly series, we’re posting one of our top stories every. single. day.  @Metchcook did a couple things we don’t recommend, such as using a coat hanger, and falling for the tennis ball myth, but we’re glad things worked out OK!

well my story goes like this, we where having a surprise party for one of our friends who was about to deploy for the marines, about half way to the party i went into to my car to get rid of some half eaten Chinese food i was eating before i went in, but while getting out and locking the car as i always do left my keys inside and i didn’t realize it till ten minutes later when i didn’t feel them in my pocket. of course i freaked out because i was a sober driver and i didn’t have any other means to get home or even get my friends home safely, but one of my friends suggested that he will try to open it using a coat hanger but while he was doing this i punctured the rubber seal surrounding the door and it was very noticeable while he was doing this it finally hit me that in order to unlock the car you have to press a button, something we couldn’t do with a coat hanger, so next we tried using a tennis ball method that also didn’t work. so at that point i was forced to borrow a longboard from a friend who rides them and push myself several miles to get home to get the spare keys and back. it was very stressful night, didn’t ruin the party though

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Keys Locked In Car Community Story – Eleni

We’re going to do something a little different this week with a new story EVERY SINGLE DAY!  To start things off, Eleni is going to walk us through her wonderful week to show us that yes, things could be worse!  Happy Monday everyone!

This week started out awful. Monday morning I went to the doctor to find out I have kidney stones. After missing 2 whole days of class I decided to suck it up and go to my Wednesday (3 hour) night class. Halfway through I was bent over in pain-almost in tears- due to my kidney stones. I talked to my teacher during our break and she was happy to send the crying girl in the back of the classroom home. As I ran out of the building, visions of pain meds in my mind, I came to the horrible discovery that my keys were sitting on my car sit-car locked. I wasted no time, popped a pain pill to ease my kidney stones, called the roommate for a rescue, and squatted next to my car in pain until she arrived. The cherry on top of a great day, my car was parked in a spot where I’d receive a $100 fine in the morning. Thank God for AAA.


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Short Community Stories – Version I

At Keys Locked in Car, we strive to bring the best information to our community and get some great stories in return.  While we try to post most of them, sometimes the pure number is overwhelming, or the story is more of a….. sentence.  Here’s a great compilation of the community stories


“So I locked my keys in my car at the gas station, cop comes to unlock it but firsts asked if I stole it? I said yeah then I drove here to lock myself out and call you. Cop: sir we do not tolerate sarcasm in the state of illinois. Me: sir, you started it.”



“Parked in cross walk at school, went in the hockey rink to grab my jersey, as I’m walking in I hear the car lock. I end up leaving my car there all day and going to school bookless”



“Welp, going to college 3.5 hours away from home, and using my mom’s vehicle. I locked both the keys, clicker, spare key, and all of my keys (including my student ID to get into our dorm) in the car. I was going to call the county police but the locals say they will not unlock your vehicle due to liability reasons. So I tried the whole hanger thing- yeah I’m not strong enough. Therefore, my father is driving up 3.5 hours tomorrow to give me keys..”


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Community Submitted Story – Bree

This story has it all.  Gyms. Crowbars. Pregnancy tests. We can only hope our days would end up so well with so many things going on.

I was getting out of my car about to go take an at home pregnancy test before I worked out. I always lock my car as I’m getting out instead of hitting the button because I hate hearing the beep.

 Well as I was walking away I realized I was wearing my sunglasses and I didn’t want to wear them into the gym. So I started reaching for my keys and realized they weren’t on me so I started looking on the ground. My wallet attaches to my keys and I always leave my wallet hidden in my car so it won’t get stolen in the gym well I realized that my keys were still attached to my wallet in my car.

 So basically in tears I walk inside to tell the girl on duty and ask if she could get someone to help me. Well one girl that works there got a coat hanger and we tried to do it and when we failed we went and asked anyone and everyone that was there if they would help and well no luck. So I start calling people and when NO ONE answers I decide to calm down and go take my pregnancy test and see what it tells me.

Well as i’m waiting for help and whether or not i’m pregnant some guys that I had asked to help me found a crow bar to try to get them out. I didn’t want to mess up my car so I told them I thought I had someone on the way (not knowing whether or not I really did) Well as i’m still waiting I look to see how my test went and it told me not pregnant which was a relief. So a little good news in all the gloom. Then my rescuers come, or so I think. Took the retards 30 min to TRY and get it then this guy comes up and is like here let me try and gets it open in less than 30 seconds. I wanted to kiss the guy, he was a genius and he seriously deserves an award.


Keep those stories coming!

-Keys Locked

Who Are the Top 5 Scam Locksmith Companies?

There are so many of these stories out there that it’s sad.  It has become a big business for companies to build low class websites that rank high in Google, but completely rip off their customers.  We’ve previously written on the top 5 things to do after becoming a victim of a locksmith scam, but who should you be avoiding in the first place?

Please note that this is NOT a comprehensive list as scam companies constantly change their aliases.

1)    Run Local Locksmith – When the first page of Google reeks of stories about Run Local ripping them off, you know it’s not a good sign.  They pull the classic “$15 service, arrive in 15 minutes” bit, and then attempt to charge hundreds of dollars on the spot.  We attempted to get them on record with a statement, but were unsuccessful.  Shady people. Shady company.

2)    A-1 24 Hour Locksmith – Stories of their tales litter the web.  Also another company that will promise to be there in no time, but 2 hours later, show up in an unmarked car, charging high prices.  This story tells it all.

3)     Dependable Locksmith – This company probably would have ranked #1 if NBC and all sorts of other outlets hadn’t covered them ad nausea already.  Let’s just say you don’t want to be wasting your time or money with these scam artists.

 4)    Papa Locksmith – Terrible

 5)    Tie – There are just too many not to name.  Let’s just say that if the locksmith you are thinking about using is on the list below, think again

 A Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith, A Emergency A Locksmith, A Locksmith Service 24 Hour, A-1 Locksmiths, AAA 24 & 7 Day Locksmith, Always Available Locksmith, Emergency & Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith, Locksmith Service, 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith, 24 Hour Locksmith, 24/7 Locksmith, 24hour a Locksmith, A # 1 24 Hour Locksmith, A 24 Hour Locksmith, A Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith, A Emergency A Locksmith, A Emergency Locksmith, A Kansas City # 1 Emergency Locksmith, A Locksmith, A Locksmith 00 24 Hour, A Locksmith 24 Hour Emergency, A Locksmith a 1-24 Hour, A Locksmith Always 24 Hour, A Locksmith Service 24 Hour, A Thirty Five Dollar Locksmith, A1 Locksmith Inc-Superb Solutions, A-1 Locksmiths, A24 Hour a Locksmith, AAA 24 & 7 Day Locksmith, All Around Locks, A United Locksmith, Alocksmith, Always Available Locksmith, Always Locksmith 24 Hr, Always Ready Locksmith, Brooklyn Locksmith, Columbus One Locksmith, Emergency & Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith, Emergency Locksmith, Express Locks, Dependable Locks Inc., Dependable Locksmith, Five Star Locksmith, Gold Locksmith, Liberty Locksmith, Locksmith, Locksmith 24 Hour, Inc., Locksmith Service, Mega Locksmith, Millenium Locksmith, Price Line, Priceline Locksmith, Inc., Quick Locksmith, S.O.S Locksmith, Speedway Locksmith, Superb Solutions Inc., Superb Solutions Locksmith, Top Guard Locksmith, USA Silver Locksmith, USA Total Security

 The best thing you can do to avoid a locksmith scam is to use AAA or another dependable locksmith in the area.  A typical cost is going to be ~$100.  Ask for their business card.  Check to see if they show up in an unmarked car.  Don’t be fooled.


Don't be fooled!

Typical $15, 15 Minute SCAM SITE


Community Submitted Story – @Rmstory

To start the week we have a Keys Locked in Car story that ends on a good note.  I guess not all stories involving coat hangers end up poorly!

Today, we planned a surprise party for a dear friend and co worker as he is getting ready for deployment. I picked up the cake and headed to the restaurant. At the restaurant I got out of my car, locked the doors, shut them and walked away. It wasn’t until minutes later that I realized my gracefulness in forgetting to get my keys out of the ignition. After a mini and mild temper tantrum in the parking lot, a friend used a coat hanger to open my door.

Shoutout to @Rmstory for getting our week started right!

Community Submitted Story – Maria

To say this sounds like a bad day would be an understatement.  At least Maria had a few different people to help (most importantly AAA!)

Alright, pity me….went to run an errand, car was dead, called OSU PD and they jumped my car. Dad said go to O’Reilly’s to have them test my battery…

the guy said the battery-checking-machine was reading that my car was still running (which it wasn’t) and therefore couldn’t get an accurate check of the battery.

 Dad said to drive my car around for at least 20 minutes…so I drove to the new Walmart and on my way back decided I needed gas but randomly wanted to pay with cash (something I’ve never done before).

Apparently you have to go inside to do this so naturally I lock my car and I go inside and pay….oops locked my keys, wallet, and phone inside my car (something I’ve also never done before). Cool.

Have to use the gas station manager’s cellphone to call mom who thankfully answered, gave me the # for AAA and my AAA member # (which were in my wallet…in the car). Call AAA; they say someone will be there within 45 minutes…40 min later someone calls the manager’s cellphone, asks for me, and turns out the dispatcher gave them the wrong coordinates of my location so I wait at the gas station for another 15 minutes (twiddling my thumbs…literally because my phone was in the car) until the guy comes and jimmy’s my door open. Whewf it’s over.

LOLLLL no. Call dad on the way from the gas station to my next errand and my phone is acting up even more than usual so after that 2nd errand I decide to stop at T-Mobile and see if they can help me. Obvi the guy doesn’t have a clue. So I leave. Get in my car.

 LOLLL it’s dead again and my phone is about to die. Woohoo. Quickly call AAA (OSU PD will only jump your car on campus and I didn’t want to waste phone battery calling friend after friend until I found someone who has jumper cables). AAA guy answers and says: “Ms. Coffaro we already have a call in for you. You are at Monroe and Washington, right?” HA.

No, Mister Triple A, this is in fact my second phone call to you in the past hour and a half. He laughs and then tells me they’ve put in a new request to come jump my car at T-Mobile. 20 minutes later the AAA guys comes…same guy that jimmy’d my car door open an hour and a half earlier…So much for that 20 minute errand!


Have a nice weekend!

Story of the Week – Woman Tells 911 Baby is Inside Car to Get Them to Arrive Faster

It’s another keeper – unlike our story when 911 refused to help a baby trapped in a car, this woman actually lied to 911 that a baby was in her locked car to get them to show up faster.  The kicker is when questioned, a gentlemen at the scene stated “Brenda only said that to get you guys here quicker.”

 I’m not exactly sure where this seems like a good idea, but we’re glad that Brenda Crosdale ended up where she belonged – in jail – and that there were no children involved.  What’s with these people?!

You can read the full article along with the mug shot here

What is That Chip in a Car Key?

You see the movies: the bad guy gets ahold of a car key and within an hour has a working copy ready to go.  Unknown to a lot of people is one of the greatest car security advances in the past 20 years – the car key transponder.

 The transponder is a chip found within the actual key that communicates with a vehicle, letting it know that it is safe to turn on.  The actual science behind this is that the vehicle sends out an electromagnet field of energy to the key and in exchange receives the signal from the key.

It became common practice for keys to have this chip in the early 90’s and almost all cars built after 1995 contain them.  For many of you (like us) that owned a car before then, it’s easy to remember how flimsy those old keys used to feel – almost as if you could break them off in the transmission

While there is a huge advantage in owning the key from a security standpoint, they are not foolproof as crooks can use machines to bypass the process (however rare).

Another disadvantage is that you can’t just make a new key on the spot.  As you may have read in our replacement car keys article, it can cost hundreds of dollars and take a little turn-around time to make a replacement.  We definitely recommend carrying an extra at home just in case!

Obviously, this technology is a huge step in the right direction, and we’d suspect if they figure out a way to lower the production costs, all keys will eventually go in this direction.

Community Submitted Story – Ashlyn

I guess technically a story, this reads more like a fairy tale.  As Bill Simmons would say, yep, these are my readers…..

“So it was a rainy dreary afternoon, I was parked at the local state store to get some booze. I come back out with two gallons of crown royal to realize my keys were in my ignition and my car was locked. dun dun dun. So I yanked my antenna off my car bent that bitch in two places and reached in there and unlocked the mother fucker. BUT WAIT, theres more. As I was getting in my car to leave, I slammed the door out of pure rage, my foot was left hanging out of the door when the door closed rapidly which chopped it off. So now I have to drive home with a blood filled floor and one foot”

Yeah….. have a nice week everyone!

Community Submitted Story – Kate @kate_jocelyn

Everyone can learn something from @kate_jocelyn who pulled off the killer trifecta of unlocking a car.  In the cold. Late at night. With a coathanger.  Thanks for sharing Kate!

“I got a call at midnight from a house full of drunk guys who had locked their keys in the car hours earlier but suddenly realized how much trouble they would be in when they couldn’t drive in the morning when they sobered up. Me, an 18 year old blonde girl, drove out to the place they were at to break into the car. An ex con taught me because “it might come in handy”. I broke into the car with a coat hanger while the boys stood by and whined about how cold it was outside. Girls for the win.”


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Slim Jim – Food or Tool to Unlock My Car?

Slim Jim Keys LockedWhen most people hear the term ‘slim jim’ their mind instantly goes to that delicious beef jerky snack.  What most don’t know is that a slim jim is the thing that might serve as the best option for opening their car!  Please note that many newer cars have security installed that will prevent a slim jim from unlocking the vehicle.

A slim jim (for the car) is a thin strip of metal that is used to slip in between a car’s window and metal seal, going directly to the levers and rods that control the door.  The end of the tool has a hook that when lifted up against the rod that connect the lock mechanism, unlock the door!

The key to using this tool is to have either been trained in the past, or do enough research beforehand (and be careful enough) to not damage your car.  Improper use of the slim jim will break the lock, stopping you from opening the door even with the key.  See the Youtube videos below for the proper use of the slim jim.

Slim jim’s cost less than $10, making them one of the most economical ways to unlock your car (compare to $60 unlock kits, $75 for AAA, $85 for a locksmith).

There was a rumor circulating that stated slim jims could deploy a car’s airbag and was causing deaths to unsuspecting citizens.  Snopes has found this claim to be untrue, despite the persistent myths.

Bottom line is that a slim jim is a cheap way to unlock your car, pending your car’s security features.  If you don’t have a plethora of spare keys lying around, it certainly makes sense to make this purchase.  If not for you, I’m sure there will be someone else in your world who will need it!

Community Submitted Story – Blake S

Happy Holidays everyone!  Our story today comes from Blake who shows that yes, no good deed goes unpunished :)

“So I currently work at a movie theater. Our nighttime show begins at 7:00 pm during our weekday hours. Around 7:20 two elderly ladies approach my coworker and I asking if it’s too late to purchase tickets to Breaking Dawn part 2. Typically we would say yes, as we’ve already taken our ticket money out for the night, but we allowed them to see it free of charge. We were lazy. No biggie. After the movie was over we locked our doors and swept the theater. As I finally get all of our breakers turned off and prepare to leave, the two ladies knock on the door. Apparently they were in such a rush they accidentally locked their keys in their vehicle. After 30 minutes of exploring alternatives, I’m finally forced to bust it. No spare key, no wire hangers, nada. In the process I cut my wrist all to pieces and bled for about 25 minutes. As they say, “nothing is free.”"


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Community Submitted Story – Theresa D

Happy Monday everyone – to prove that the day can start off worse, today’s story comes from Theresa, who locked her keys in her car, phone in her apartment, and had to drive almost an hour to lunch!  It looks like a little money saved everything in this case – it won’t buy you the weekend back though!

“This happened to me last year. I am in College and our class was going out for a brunch 45 mins away so I go to my car to drive there and I start the car and I forgot my phone in my apartment so I go in to get it. I locked my apartment and naturally they are on the keys that are in my car so I go back to my car to get my keys and the car is locked. Keys in ignition and ON! Also keep this in mind, my phone is in my locked apartment so I cant call anyone. I run over to my friends apartment, thankfully she was there, and called campus safety to unlock my apartment to get my phone to call pop a lock. So I waited about a half an hour to unlock my running car and got charged 60 bucks and was late to lunch with my class. It was a great way to start my day!”


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Community Submitted Story – Erin B

A great story to end the week!  For those of you scoring at home, this strategy for underage purchases will work on lottery cards, booze, and maybe even cigarettes (don’t smoke), but if you’re going to go for it, pleeease remember to leave your car unlocked for a quick getaway!  At least Erin didn’t end up getting busted, have a great weekend everyone!

“So when i normally get out of my car i grab my purse, throw my keys in it, and then click the lock button on the door. one day, i was getting gas and i wanted to be all cool and buy some scratch offs, but i wasn’t 18 yet, so i thought that if i didn’t bring my purse in and they asked for my ID i could just say that i left it in my car, but of course, i did my routine and threw my keys in my purse, clicked the lock button, but didn’t grab my purse.. so at this point, all i had was money. no keys, no phone, nothing. so after the cashier asked for my ID and i told her i had left it in the car, i had to go back in there and ask her if i could use her phone.. it was horrible and easily the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me.”


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Replacement Car Keys – So Easy a Caveman Could Do It

With thousands of people locking their keys out of their car every day, it’s no wonder that so many replacement car key sites are popping up these days.  Although the technology has gotten more sophisticated, it’s easier than ever to get a replacement car key – and probably smart to have a couple lying around just in case.

The first thing that you need to need to do is write down your vehicle identification number (VIN), and retrieve your car registration and driver’s license.  Many times, the registration and license are required to avoid just anyone from getting a replacement car key!

Now that you have your car information, it’s time to get your key.  Are you in a hurry?  If not, it will probably make sense to shop around online for the cheapest price (always remembering to look up the company’s reviews).  A couple good options include or simply looking on eBay.  If you are in a hurry, going to a locksmith is your next best bet.  Many have the equipment necessary to make replacement car keys and will likely charge a cheaper price than your dealer.  Your local car dealer is your final (best) option.  They’ll most certainly be able to help you – for a price.

From a price perspective, you should expect to pay between $50 and $100 dollars for a replacement key online, and up to $350 through a dealer.  This obviously depends on the make and model of your car.  The most important thing is to look at all your options, and ensure you pick a reputable company to replace your keys.

Reviews of can be found HERE and HERE

Community Submitted Story – Cristina

Today’s keys locked in car story comes courtesy of Cristina who passed her G test yesterday (G test = Canadian driver’s test.. you learn something every day)!  Let’s give a big congrats to Cristina and hope that day 2 of being G certified goes a little better than the first!

“Today my license expired and if I didnt pass my G test I’d have to go all the way back to my G1 (big inconveinence, I drive every day) I had failed it a month ago and was super nervous. Luckly I passed! In my excitement and being late for work, I got out of my car and out of habit locked the doors. Seconds later I realized I was empty handed, my keys, purse, wallet and cellphone are now sitting on my passenger seat as I await my mother to come and unlock my doors.”


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